How should we understand transgenderism? What is the relationship between the L,G,B, and T?

Using the definitions of our culture, sexual orientation is who you want to go to bed with, and gender identity is who you want to go to bed as. Both terms are driven by the idol of sexual autonomy.

Transgenderism is a painful reality for some people, and it describes what it is like to feel—genuinely so—that you have been born in the wrong body. Christians should be sensitive and compassionate. Our doctrine of sin prepares us to know that after the fall of mankind, both our bodies and our minds are fallen. Philosophically speaking, transgenderism relies upon a queer, postmodern, and poststructural idea of the world—one that declares that gender and sexuality are socially constructed ideas, and that they can be made and remade through human will, desire, political solidarity, or social experience. Bisexuality (and its close affiliate, pansexuality) are terms that also rely on queer theory’s embrace of the idea that gender and sexuality are social constructs and need not be fixed, either in object choice or over the course of an individual’s life.  Where bisexuality refers to someone who is sexually attracted to both men and women, pansexuality refers to someone who calls himself “gender blind,” declaring that gender and sex are insignificant. Where gay, lesbian, and bisexual as categories of identity rely upon a stable understanding of biological man and woman (associated more with modernism than postmodernism), transgenderism and pansexuality have no such modern footholds.

These categories of sexual identity have been central to the American university, especially in English departments and other humanities programs, for the past 30 years.  Therefore, it is not surprising that millennial generation is fluent with these terms while their parents are not.

The Bible declares, in Genesis 1:27, that being born male or female comes with moral responsibilities, constraints, and blessings, with the full understanding that through the fall of mankind and sometimes our own choices, these responsibilities and constraints are much more difficult for some than others.

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