What is our responsibility to Christians who are struggling with homosexual desires and facing singleness for a very long time?

Mark 10:28-31 says that the gospel calls you to lose family, houses, mothers, fathers, partners, lives, livelihood, etc., but it promises you a hundredfold on this side of heaven—and that hundredfold is going to come from the church. I think those verses are tailor-made for people who struggle with unchosen homosexual desire and who have left a partner and an LGBT family to come to Christ. That person—who was once me—needs the body of Christ to be the family that God calls us to be: to share homes, holidays, and rhythm of life.

If you are a covenant family and you know of single people in your church, you need to see them as part of your family. If you’re not sharing the gospel with a house key—especially with people for whom crushing loneliness is killing them—why not? First Corinthians 10:13 is for all of us: “No temptation will befall you except for that which is common to man, and God will give you a way of escape.” What if your house is a way of escape, but you’re too busy? I think that Christians are failing to share the whole gospel (the one that comes with a house key) and therefore are making gospel demands to lay down your life and pick up your cross even more burdensome to other people. Christians need to change the way we live to reflect to a watching world that being part of the family of God means something real.

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