What would you say to people who want to grow as readers of God's Word?

One of the first things we need to do is to have a plan for our devotional life. There is no way that you can steward the ideas of the world when you are a haphazard reader. Why do you read your Bible? The most common answer I get is that people want to draw closer to the Lord, which is an excellent reason. However, have you ever thought that you’re not just reading it for you? There are people out there who don’t know how to read or don’t have access to the Bible, and you are shouldering the awesome responsibility of stewarding the world’s ideas in a biblical way. We have to realize that our time in the Word is not a selfish time. My ultimate goal in doing this is to know God better; to lean, yield, submit to Romans 8:28; but also to take up a creation mandate to steward the earth. I can steward ideas, but I can’t steward them according to the Word of God if I’m not deeply in the Word.

Here are some of my favorite Bible reading tools: a good study Bible and Tabletalk magazine.