What are some good Christian practices to mortify all sin at its root?

  • Live as a faithful member of a Bible-believing church, meeting for worship, prayer meetings, fellowship, and Bible studies.
  • Cultivate honest accountability in your church, asking for prayer and checking in with your pastor or elder or someone known to your pastor for accountability. If you are struggling with same-sex attraction, accountability should be one-on-one and not group focused.
  • Know your enemy: besetting and indwelling sin is predatory, and it will not stop until it kills. If you struggle with sexual sin, have no contact with pornography or with secret lovers—physical or non-physical, virtual or real.
  • Do not misuse Christ by asking Him to baptize your feelings; instead, ask Christ to fill up your heart and soul and thereby create your feelings.
  • Do not do ministry if you are experiencing out-of-control sin such as lust or sexual temptations.  Do not think that you can minister alone from your weakness.