How can the church best help members who have come from LGBT backgrounds?

The Lord has given the ordinary means of grace to ordinary people, and the Lord has given the gospel to people who are broken, inarticulate, struggling with sin, etc. The Lord has called us to hospitality when our houses are messy. I think the answer to the larger question is that we need to be willing to get close to people, and we need to not be so focused on church growth that we create ghettoes of communities because of circumstances. What is really a great blessing to people is to be enfolded into each other’s lives, and not just on certain days at certain times or when it’s convenient. People need to be part of the daily rhythms of your life. We are brothers and sisters.

I sometimes wonder if part of the challenge is that we’ve unintentionally pitted godly marriage against godly community. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we will inherit a fellowship with each other in community that our godly marriages will not survive to see. Rather than be so focused on sociological categories—thinking that what would allow me to best identify with you is that we have shared the same struggle—let’s focus on sharing the same risen Christ.